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artifaks asked: Tron is amazing you'll love it!!

I watched Tron for the first time a couple days ago and it’s awesome. It made me want to watch Tron: Legacy.

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Disney Princesses realizing they’re in love {requested by xflora}


Absolutely love this couple and love drawing them together! 

'The Princess and the Frog' - Tiana and Naveen
Art by David Kawena
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Out there is a new world! Out there is our future! Out there is our destiny!

Tron: Legacy (2010), dir. Joseph Kosinski


30 Days Challenge: Day 14 (favorite kiss)

"Go on !", Professor Archimedes Porter (Tarzan)

that-beautiful-little-fool asked: Hi I just found your blog today and read your about section and you are my new favorite person

Ok, you made my day. Thank you very much!

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you can own the Earth and still all you’ll own is earth,
until you can paint with all the colors of the wind.


Disney/Pixar miniature photoshoots by Kurt Moses

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Mickey Mouse - Kingdom Hearts 2